Neta Testing And Maintenance

Tyron Power Services provides comprehensive NetaTesting services as part of our Electrical Tnete testingesting and Maintenance services. We perform NETATesting for industrial plants, large commercial facilities and municipal power stations. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are maintenance manager’s first choice for electrical testing, maintenance and repair.

Testing Applications

It is vitally important electrical systems and components meet application specifications, manufacturer’s tolerances, installation, and construction codes and standards. TPS’s NETAcertified electrical testing procedures are prompt honest results oriented and customer based. NETAtesting allows our team of talented technicians and field engineers to determine the following problems related to any electrical system:

  • Safety Issues
  • Application problems
  • Specification Errors
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Physical Damage to the System
  • Field Wiring Errors
  • Drawing Discrepancies
  • Variance in voltage and current at certain lines

Through TPS’s disciplined and pragmatic approach towards regression unnecessary procedures to save our customers time and money, we are able to detect these problems in a thorough yet efficient manner Early detection is a key component to salvaging and preventing future damage. The majority of problems arise because equipment is not maintained and/or tested regularly for defects. At the end of our testing procedures, TPS provides NETAcertified reports which includes data and test documentation to provide the pillars for beginning a maintenance program specifically designed for your specific needs.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) Program

Rather than fixing the problem, it is a lot easier to simply prevent the problem from happening. Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) is a containment program that looks at addressing potential hazards and problems before they occur, therefore, mitigating their effects on the system. TPS possesses NETAqualified personnel who have been specifically trained to tackle and perform specific duties related to testing and maintenance. We are able to perform these duties by:

  • Abiding to manufacturer instructions and recommendations
  • Abiding to NETAFrequency Inspection Guide and Standards
  • Working in conjunction with our employers to solve problems

The essential element that constitutes a thorough maintenance program is carried out by TPS in the following order:

  1. Assigning qualified personnel
  2. Surveying and analyzing equipment maintenance requirements
  3. Performing routine inspections and tests
  4. Analyzing inspection and test reports
  5. Prescribing corrective measures
  6. Performing necessary work
  7. Preparing appropriate records

Benefits of NETATesting and Maintenance

NETAaccredited companies like TPS are dedicated to a higher world standard in electrical maintenance and acceptance testing. Hiring a NETA Accredited Company assures our customers that:
All personnel on the job are certified technicians under NETAstandards

  • A Registered PE (professional Engineer) will proof read all engineering reports and calculations
  • All testing procedures will be within NETA specifications and done with objectivity and precision
  • Safety is the top priority for both our employees on the job and employers liable for the employees

To learn more about NetaTesting, please visit our Neta Testing website. Or, for more information on NETATesting and Maintenance Procedures, please visit the link below
NETA Testing Specification Section 16950

Tyron Power Services Providing Neta Testing To Abuja And Nationwide

logoWith offices in Abuja, Tyron Power Services provides Neta Testing services to clients throughout Nigeria including Lagos, Port Harcourt and Aba as well as Lokoja. We serve industrial, commercial and municipal clients in various industries including power stations, power plants, wind and solar, petro-chemicals, manufacturing, hotels, hospitals, municipalities, defense contractors, data centers and many other applications that rely on high power electric equipment. Whatever your Neta Testing needs may be, contact us and we will make sure that your equipment is treated with the care and safety requirements that it deserves. See our full line of electrical testing.